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Welcome to bakermedia.co, the online presence for donna baker, acrofacts, and baker media. Whether you’ve come in search of Adobe Acrobat information, some InDesign tips, or are looking for information on a course, you’ve come to the right place.

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Site owned and operated by donna baker, a long-time graphic designer (among other things) located in central Canada, eh.

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  1. Clay Rembert

    Hi Ms Baker,

    I’m planning to enroll in your Acrobat course through the University of Indianapolis in three weeks. Unfortunately, I do not own a copy of the application. In the meantime, how will I access the assignments etc? Furthermore, will my enrollment in the course qualify me to purchase the software at a student discount? Thanks in advance!!

    Clay Rembert

    31 May 2014 - Reply
    • donna.baker@bakermedia.co

      Hi Clay -

      Once you enroll in the course and have proof of student status you can get the program at a student discount, which is far less than retail. You can start by downloading Acrobat XI from Adobe (I’d recommend the full program, and not the online, monthly-subscription format) whenever you like. It’s a full version, valid for 30 days. ‘See’ you in class soon.

      31 May 2014 - Reply
  2. Clay Rembert

    Mega thanks for the follow up!!!


    1 Jun 2014 - Reply
    • donna.baker@bakermedia.co

      My pleasure! “See” you in class soon ;)

      2 Jun 2014 - Reply
  3. Jim Gallagher

    Your tutorial didn’t work for me on editing scanned PDF files using Acrobat XI. After doing the five steps I got a dialog box that said it couldn’t be edited because it had been scanned and suggested exporting it to another program. I checked don’t show again and the file turned back to white. I’m sure it’s not a protected file since it was scanned from a newspaper page in 1958. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated since I have about 30 of these to do.

    Jim Gallagher

    21 Jun 2014 - Reply
    • donna.baker@bakermedia.co

      Hi Jim -

      One thing that may be causing an issue is the resolution. Old newspapers are going to be tricky. You need to have a resolution of 300-600 dpi in order for the content to be recognized. It also helps if you can make the scan pages black and white rather than grayscale, and bump the background to pure white. Often newspaper scans have a light gray background, which can cause an issue.


      19 Jul 2014 - Reply
  4. Loriann Oberlin

    I am interested in your class Introduction to InDesign CC — OLA 369 through Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland. My local Chesapeake College offers a similar class but its description says you need CS6 unlike the prior course description which says anything higher than CS4 (which I own — InDesign). Can you please advise as the class starts soon! Thanks so much. Appreciate your help.

    14 Aug 2014 - Reply
    • donna.baker@bakermedia.co

      Hi Loriann -

      Yes, you can definitely take the course. Just post in the discussion area when you start to remind me what program version you’re using so I can get you access to the proper files.

      14 Aug 2014 - Reply

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