Learning Engineers and Architects

How time flies! A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about an article I read describing the need/shortage of learning architects and engineers. I find the concept of engineers and architects within the learning realm fascinating. In response to my tweet, George V. tweeted, “to consider [Read More]

Book Authoring List

I am privileged to have authored many books on graphic and web design software. The slideshow lists the main releases of my books (English and North American distributions) between 2001 and 2010. My first book, “Coursebuilder for Dreamweaver Fx & Design” has the distinction of being [Read More]
see-saw showing apples and oranges

New Acrobat DC version available

A new Acrobat DC subscription update is released today. There are improvements in digital signatures and certificates, and support for Microsoft DirectInk. But the biggest improvement—for me, anyway—is the updated compare documents feature. Here’s the blurb from the blog: New Compare Files tool Compare two [Read More]