Tip o’ the Day: Flattening a stamp into a document page

image of stamp comment on a document pageThere are many circumstances where you can use a custom stamp in your day-to-day work, such as placing a written signature or comments, or adding official stamps or seals. The problem is that anyone receiving your document can then make changes to the stamp, since it is a comment, after all.

For many years, Acrobat has included Preflight tools as part of the Print Production toolset that let you work with file contents to adhere to different standards, make changes, or fixups. One in particular—the Flatten annotations and form fields fixup—is the subject of this quick video. See how to flatten a stamp into the contents of a page using Preflight.

By the way—rather than going through the steps to locate the fixup and apply it manually, you can also create a custom command or an action. That’s coming up in future videos.

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