The New Tools View

You’ve updated to the latest version of Acrobat DC, haven’t you? If not, please do so right now.

dec01.15There are some very welcome improvements, and the changes in the Tools view has to be one of my favorites. Unless you spend a lot of time in Acrobat—like I do—looking for and locating specific tool sets can be time consuming and frustrating. Now the tools are divided into just a few categories that make a lot of sense.

The categories include:

  • Create & Edit tools
  • Review & Approve tools
  • Forms & Signatures
  • Protect & Standardize
  • Customize

You’ll find tool sets where you’d expect to find them. You’ll also notice the tools are arranged in quite a logical stream, with the creation tool sets at the top of the list, and more obscure, power-user tool sets like the Action Wizard and JavaScript at the bottom of the list.

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