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Welcome to learn@bakermedia.co!

For many years now, I’ve been teaching online courses through the Ed2Go system, and it’s been great. The courses are interesting to develop, and the discussion areas keep me in touch with Acrobat and InDesign users of all levels. Currently I’m teaching several InDesign courses, and an Introduction to Acrobat X course. And that’s where the issue arises, and why I made the decision to strike out on my own.

Through my work with Acrobatusers.com and my thousands of readers and followers, I know there’s a demand for some practical hands-on training on how to work with Acrobat. We’re now up to Acrobat DC, of course, but my current course offering still sits at Acrobat X. It appears it may be sitting there for the foreseeable future, and to me, that’s not acceptable.

I set my mighty brain in motion, and decided to develop my own online training courses. The first course, Introduction to Acrobat DC – Level 1, is set to launch sometime in summer, 2017.

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So, Who am I?

Good question (if I do say so myself). I am a founding member and expert on the Acrobatusers.com site, and have contributed hundreds of tutorials, videos, and infographics to thousands of Acrobat users. In my Acrobat courses, I’m including links to new content in the Discussion Forums.

online content links

online content links

For a general overview of what I do, please check out my links to online content document.

You’ll notice it’s a one-page PDF document with buttons and links to a number of online sources of my work. You’ll find a link to a slideshow of my books, links to series created in Captivate, Pinterest boards of my Acrobat infographics, and more.

Current Online Education Offerings

As I mentioned, I’m an instructor via the Ed2Go network, a division of Pearson Publications. My courses are offered through several thousand colleges and universities worldwide. I’ve been teaching Acrobat and InDesign courses for many years, and taught Adobe Premiere courses in the past.

You can check out what my thousands of previous students have to say about me on these review pages:

Introduction to Acrobat X course

Introduction to InDesign CS6 course

Introduction to InDesign CC course

There’s so much more to say and do and organize, but how about a bit of info about the actual course?

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Information on Introduction to Acrobat DC – Level 1 Course

Here’s a quick summary of the course and its structure:

What is it?

A four-week, eight lesson course on learning how to work in Acrobat DC. The course covers features common to both Acrobat DC Standard and Pro, and can be taken on either Windows or Mac computers.

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson contains six chapters. The final chapter summarizes the lesson and includes an assignment. You should expect to spend about three hours per lesson. Lessons are released every Monday and Thursday over a four-week period. A new course session starts every four weeks.

What do I need to do the lessons?

You need a working copy of Acrobat DC on your computer to complete the course. Since the course is offered over a four-week period, you can download the trial version of Acrobat DC and complete the entire course during that time.

How much computer experience do I need?

Well, you do need to know how to turn on your computer 😉 You also need to know how to work in your operating system and how to create and save files. We’ll be using common Office documents, like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, as well as a number of image files. Other content, such as InDesign documents, are provided in PDF format for you.

What kinds of files do I need to take the course?

The short answer—none. I provide a main PDF document for each lesson that contains copies of all the files you need to complete the lesson as attachments to the PDF file. You don’t need to have Office installed on your computer to complete the course, as I provide both the source files in their native formats (such as .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) as well as converted PDF documents.

How much does it cost?

The course is $100. The course fee includes:

  • The eight lessons and all the source files as well as copies of completed projects
  • A Discussion forum where you can post questions about the lessons, or upload something you want me to look at.
  • Free attendance at a monthly Connect session for student Q&As.

What else do I have to do?

The course is currently undergoing revision and testing, and isn’t quite ready for prime time. For now, please complete the contact form for pre-registration and I’ll let you know when you can register. I promise not to flood your email Inbox!


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