Infographic: How to add a Facebook Share button to your PDF files

Check out this infographic on that explains how you can add a Facebook share button to your PDF document. This process requires an existing web site or blog, and uses official Facebook logos and badges.

Facebook icon

Look for the tip from this page: under the Create PDF category.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Upload the PDF file to share to your web site or blog, and note the file’s URL.
  2. Select and download your desired Facebook logo or badge.*
  3. In Acrobat XI, open the Tools pane, and choose Add Button from the Interactive Objects panel.
  4. Click the page with the Add Button tool to draw a rectangle. Release the mouse to show the Field Name dialog box and then click All Properties.
  5. The Button Properties dialog box opens and displays the General tab; type a name and tooltip for the button.
  6. On the Appearance tab and set the Border Color and Fill Color to None.
  7. On the Options tab, choose Icon Only from the Layout dropdown list and then click Choose Icon.
  8. Click Browse to locate and select an image format such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, or PDF. Click OK.
  9. Click the Actions tab and choose the Open a Web Link from the Select Action drop-down list. Click Add to open the Edit URL field.
  10. Type the Facebook URL by your link’s URL and click OK.
  11. Test the link on your document page.

* Learn about using Facebook brand assets and select a logo/badge here:

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