Get ready to learn more about Acrobat DC!

You’ll notice a new masthead at, and I’m pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of online course offerings.

I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about Acrobat DC from sites like (and where I post content regularly).

For many years now, I’ve been teaching online courses through the Ed2Go system, and it’s been great. The courses are interesting to develop, and the discussion areas keep me in touch with Acrobat and InDesign users of all levels. Currently I’m teaching several InDesign courses, and an Introduction to Acrobat X course. I’m unable to have updated Acrobat content available in the foreseeable future. That’s where the issue arises, and that’s why I decided to strike out on my own.

[Read about the decision to launch]

The first course is scheduled to launch late spring, 2016. It’s an 8-lesson, 4-week Introduction to Acrobat DC course that covers tools and features common to both Acrobat DC Standard and Pro. Each lesson takes two to three hours to complete, and includes an assignment and quiz. There are badges for successful completion of each lesson. The course includes a final exam, and you’ll leave after four weeks with your newfound Acrobat knowledge, and a spiffy certificate and badge to prove it!

The second course, Introduction to Acrobat DC—Level 2 is slated for a summer, 2016 launch, and covers those areas available only in Acrobat DC Pro.

The goal is to have seven courses launch in 2016. Perhaps a lofty goal, but achievable with the help of my lovely office assistants pictured here.

image of three dogs-if they could only learn to type

Left to Right: Benni, Daisy, Lulu

What’s on the list?

So far, we’ve scheduled these courses for development in 2016:

  • Introduction to Acrobat DC—Level 1
  • Introduction to Acrobat DC—Level 2
  • Acrobat Forms
  • Accessibility & Acrobat DC
  • Acrobat DC & InDesign (or InDesign & Acrobat DC, depending on your inclination ;))

Also scheduled are two additional InDesign CC courses:

  • Interactive media and animation
  • eBook design

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