Add Page Numbers to PDF Documents

In this tutorial, learn how to add page numbers to PDF documents using Acrobat X or XI.

page thumbnails panel showing pagination

Sample of custom page numbers

Video Transcript:

Acrobat remembers numbers for all the pages in your file. In the Page Thumbnails pane, click Page 1 to see the notation (1 of 23) shown in the Page Navigation area. Don’t confuse page numbers assigned to the document’s pages with a text number on the page, like a footer.

Let’s add some numbering to the document. Click the Page 1 thumbnail, then press Shift + click the Page 2 thumbnail. In the Document Processing tools, click Number Pages to open the Page Numbering dialog box. We don’t have to specify pages since we selected the thumbnails. Click the Style drop-down arrow and select the lowercase Roman numerals. Click OK to close the dialog box. You see the pages show the lowercase numbers below their thumbnails. The number field in the Page Navigation tools shows the page number in lowercase numeral style, while the page and total show in brackets as before.

Now let’s add basic numbering to the rest of the document. Click the Options button on the Page Thumbnails panel and click Number Pages to open the Page Numbering dialog box. This time we have to specify pages. Click the From: field and type 3; click the To: field and type 23. Click the Style drop-down arrow and select the basic number style. Click the Start: text field, and type 3 for the Start number since we numbered Pages 1 and 2 earlier. Click OK.

Scroll through the panel to see the numbered thumbnails. Click a thumbnail to show its numbering in the Page Navigation field and display the page in the Document pane.



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